Porsche Paint Protection Experts

We have advanced solutions that keep your Porsche looking New. 

Who doesn’t want to keep their Porsche’s brand-new look alive? We know how much it matters to you! Shield Street is your trusted destination for safeguarding your prized Porsche with the finest paint protection solutions. Our exclusive studio is committed to preserving the beauty and integrity of your Porsche through a range of premium services, including Paint Protection Film (PPF), Suntek Reaction PPF, STEK PPF, Ceramic Coating, and Vinyl Colour Wrap. 

We offer a spectrum of Protective Solutions for your Porsche whether it is the recent GT2RS, 992 GT3RS, GT3 Touring or the classic 993 Turbo — we leverage Paint Protection Film to help prevent common Stone-Chip damage to your Porsche’s paintwork. Front Bumper, Bonnet, Guards, and Mirrors to complete coverage, we assist in all. 

Tesla Paint Protection Experts

Tesla is not just a car, it’s a statement of high-tech, elegance and innovation. Being such a brilliant and futuristic automobile, even Tesla does not stand a chance against the harsh UV rays, acid rain, and other rigid environmental particles. At Shield Street, we are a dedicated team of automotive professionals who understand the value of your vehicle, especially when it comes to the sleek and elegant Tesla lineup. 

With new Tesla vehicles, we have seen brand-new paint jobs already stained with water spots and etching. It becomes dull, discoloured, and eventually erodes, leaving the surface metal exposed. At Shield Street, we safeguard your Tesla with Paint Protection Films (PPF) that set the standard for unrivalled durability and performance. These advanced films are created leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver optimal protection against scratches, chips, and other forms of damage caused by everyday hazards.

Mercedes Benz Paint Protection Experts

Whether your Mercedes is vintage, brand new or one-of-a-kind, paint protection helps keep its value. Well taken care of, high-end cars last for many years and often become collector’s items. Mercedes the biggest-selling premium brand in the world and it sure does require protection against elements like rocks, sticks, rain, sleet, and the sun. If you want to guard your Mercedes’ paint against everything from daily wear and tear to intense damage, our range of premium services is for you! 


At Shield Street, we have handled services for prestige manufacturers such as Mercedes, Bentley, Tesla, and Lamborghini. This assures our customers of luxury cars that their vehicle is definitely in the right hands. If you are someone looking for paint protection for your Mercedes Benz, whether that be Paint Protection Film (PPF), Vinyl colour wrap or ceramic coatings, you have come to the right place! When it comes to protecting your Mercedes, we only use the best in the business. You can rest assured that your premium beauty is in good hands. 

Paint Protection for your Land Rover / Range Rover

Land Rover or Range Rover is one of the prestige and premium cars. Your Rover is your pride and joy so make sure to protect it with Paint Protection Film (PPF). It is the best way to safeguard it against the damage caused by stone chips, road debris and various other factors. 


At Shield Street, we have had many Land Rovers/ Range Rovers come through over the years, with the prevalent models being SVR, Sports, Vogues, Velar’s, Evoques and also various models such as the Defender and Discovery. No matter which model you have we can PPF and detail them all.

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