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It depends on what sort of wrap you are looking for and also the model of your car. There are 2 types of wrap: colour change (vinyl wrap) and clear (Paint Protection Film/ PPF). In general our pricing starts from $4,500 for colour change and $5,500 for PPF. Model of your car will also affect the pricing depending on how many parts are on the car and the difficulty or shape of the car. Please speak with our team members to get a free quote for your car. 

Vinyl wrap’s main purpose is to customise the colour or styling of your car, while PPF main purpose is to protect the paintwork. Vinyl wrap is much thinner than PPF, so that allows installers to wrap the edges further than PPF. Vinyl wraps can be a good option to tidy up the paintwork and hide some of existing imperfections such as stone chips and minor scratches. However, it might also show the texture of the paint chips or the scratches underneath. 

Main benefit of PPF is to protect your paintwork from stone chips and minor scratches. All the PPF we use also have a hydrophobic layer which means you also will have the benefit of ceramic coating which repels dust and water and makes it cleaner for longer. PPF also has UV protection and self healing properties which means minor scratches and swirl marks can disappear by exposing the PPF to sources of heat such as hot water or when the car is parked under the sun. 

Do not go to automatic car wash as they might use harsh chemicals or brushes. Regular hand washing with pH neutral shampoo is recommended. If you are going to wash the car in a hand car wash, please let them know that you have a wrap on it so they will be more careful when washing it.  Please remove any contaminant such as bird droppings or tree sap as soon as possible to minimise the damages from it. Maintaining products such as Gyeon PPF Maintain is also recommended to keep the wrap moisture after washing. 

Professionally applied ceramic coating can also be added on top of the wrap. There is a specific ceramic coating for wraps so it will not reduce the flexibility of the films and will not block the self healing property for PPF. Ceramic coating on top of the wrap also gives more protection against UV and will give hydrophobic properties which makes washing the car much easier. 

Yes, PPF and Vinyl wrap is a reversible process. The film can be removed without damaging the underlying paint or leaving any residue behind. However, the ease of removal may depend on factors such as the age of the film, the quality of the installation, and the condition of the paint underneath. If the film has been on the car for a long time or has been exposed to harsh conditions, it may be more difficult to remove and could potentially leave adhesive residue behind. It is generally recommended that a professional installer be used to ensure proper installation and removal of the wrap.

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